That sh*t’s sh*tty

I know there are other teams that do this (making you pay for tickets to Spring Training packages), but it doesn’t make it right. Just because I want to go to Yankees-Reds in Sarasota March 6 doesn’t mean I want to go to Pirates-Reds the next day. There’s a lot of baseball in Florida in March and I just don’t think it’s cool that I should have to figure out a way to sell Pirates-Reds tickets just b/c I want to go to the game the day before. They do it four times in March, including a package of Reds-Braves (3/8) and Reds-Astros (3/11), which are three days apart. Well, that’s great, but what if I have to go home Saturday after Reds-Braves and I can’t stick around for Tuesday’s game? I have to try to sell them on eBay or somewhere else or eat them. Sucks is all.


  1. Paul

    Yeah, the ticket package idea is terrible for fans.

    Also, since when did games against Philly and Toronto become premium just because they’re night games? I’m sure many fans are willing to pay the extra $2 to not get their face burned off at Ed Smith Stadium during the day, but maybe schedule the Sox or Yankees at night if you’re going to call those games premium.

  2. Dan

    Word, I agree.

    I think the one game I am going to Reds/Pirates on 3/1 is not a packaged game. so, that’s good.

    I did just re-read the spring training tickets article on and it said that only the package games on going on sale the 19th. Good thing I saw that.

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