Reds Classic Rewind

Just saw this on Kiese’s blog … first I’ve heard of it. FSN Ohio is going to televise classic Reds games in their entirety every Monday for nine weeks (starting this Monday). Kiese says Thom Browning and Jeff Brantley will host … I think he means Thom Brennaman. Anyway, here’s the lineup …

Monday (Jan. 14) Pete 4,192
Jan. 21: 1990 NLCS Game 6 vs. Pittsburgh
Jan. 28: 1990 World Series Game 4 vs. Oakland
Feb. 4: 1978 Tom Seaver’s no-no vs. St. Louis
Feb. 11: 2006 Reds comeback win vs. Cleveland
Feb. 18: 1988 Browning’s perfect game
Feb. 25: 1975 World Series Game 3 vs. Boston
Mar. 3: 1975 World Series Game 6 vs. Boston
Mar. 10: 1975 World Series Game 7 vs. Boston

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  1. Dan

    Seriously, i have always wanted someone to do this. i am disappointed this stuff isn’t floating around download sites and whatnot. i would love to watch some WS games during the big red machine era. highlights are great, but i want to see how it unfolds.

    Kudos to FSN.

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