Reds Bobbleheads ’08

Reds Bobbleheads
Alright, let’s lay down the Reds bobblehead predictions for 2008. Well, I have to say that I only have one to predict as of right now – I have sources that have supplied me the first two of the year – Brandon Phillips and Tom Browning.

Now, Phillips was going to be a pick for sure He had an all-star caliber ’07 and joined the 30-30 club. Browning was also going to be on my list – maybe not a shoe-in, but at least as a reasonable possibility. Both Phillips and Browning showed up on my picks from last year.

Now it gets hard.

I’m not sure I have a definite for a third slot. The Reds do have a third bobblehead, my source indicated it’s listed as TBD right now. I thought that Josh Hamilton had an outside shot this year until he was traded to the Rangers. Though he’s young, Cincinnati really embraced him and he’s pretty damn good.

Homer Bailey?
I hesitate to throw out Homer Bailey’s name. He’s not a lock to be in the rotation this season at this point (though I think he will make it) so I don’t think the Reds want to pull the trigger on him just yet.

Ryan Freel
A few names I have thrown out in the past may have a chance. At the top of that list is Ryan Freel. They could capitalize on the dirty jersey all Reds fans know and love. He’s been a Red for quite a while and is popular with the fans.

Scott Hatteberg
I listed Scott Hatteberg last year, but I actually feel this has less chance of happening this season.

Edwin Encarnacion
Nope, not yet.

David Ross
I guess he is my wild card. The Reds have pretty much said that the catcher position is up for grabs in spring training, so he may not be a great choice for a bobble either. I do think a Javier Valentin bobblehead would be pretty badass, but Ross has a better shot than Javy does.

Jose Rijo
I’m surprised I didn’t bring him up earlier. Rijo has a great chance if not this season, next. He’s a fan favorite, in the Reds HOF and part of the ’90 World Series team with a few other that have received bobbles: Eric Davis, Chris Sabo and Tom Browning.

Wish List
The Reds couldn’t go wrong with dipping into the past – even twice in one season. I’ll stick with my trio from last year – Ted Kluszewski, Johnny Vander Meer and George Foster. Any of those guys would be strong – at least Big Klu and Foster. A few others to throw out: Ken Griffey Sr., Mario Soto, Sparky Anderson. All long shots, though.

The Reds are running out of great historical player to portray in bobblehead form. Not that the Reds haven’t had great players in the past, but many of the most charismatic, most popular players have received one already. I believe this is the 8th season they have had bobbleheads. It’s a trend that will start to die soon – if it’s not dying already.

Here comes the Reds iPod Nano giveaway!!!

btw, if anyone out there has a Pete Harnish bobble from 2001 – I am looking for one. It’s one of two that I don’t have. The other being the Johnny Bench one – that giveaway was a mess!

Here’s a list of Reds bobblheads broken down by year:

Barry Larkin
Danny Graves
Pete Harnish

Eric Davis
Chris Sabo
Adam Dunn
Johnny Bench

Austin Kearns
Mary Brennaman & Joe Nuxhall
Gapper (blah!)

Joe Nuxhall
Joe Morgan
Sean Casey

Ken Griffey Jr.
Tony Perez
Wily Mo Peña

Dave Concepcion
Barry Larkin
Filipe Lopez

Aaron Harang
Bronson Arroyo
Frank Robinson
Thom & Marty Brennaman


  1. Eric

    Do you have dates yet?

  2. Dan

    No dates yet. Keep checking Not sure when the promotional dates will be out, but they will be in place before single game tickets go on sale.

    I’ve also been thinking of one other possibility – Mr. Redlegs, ala the Gapper bobblehead from a few years ago. Hmmmm…

  3. Eric

    You would be an excellent asset to my bobblehead board; the only truly accurate bobblehead trading board in the hobby as far as dates and true members with no aliases or false hit counts. Please register and post at and encourage people that read your blog to do the same so that others can build their collections.

  4. Eric

    I saw the dates of the 08 bobbles and posted them on my bobble trading site.

  5. Dan

    Hey Eric, awesome, glad we could help. Nice forum, btw. Cool to see at the bobblehead SGAs going on this year in baseball.

  6. Eric

    Maybe you can get some others to join my board and trade to build their collections up.

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