Reds Classic Rewind

Pete Rose - 4192
Is on now! Very cool.

– What a great moment. I remember watching the game at my grandparents house in Ludlow, KY.
– The shot of Pete & Marge Schott hugging is pretty bittersweet. Two beloved Cincinnatians who eventually would become embattled.
– Tom Browing works pretty damn quickly, also didn’t know he finished 2nd in ROY votes that year.
– HAHA Steve Garvey. What a douche.
– Tony Gywnn is a God.
– Dave Parker is a BIG man.
– Lots of bitchin’ mustaches in this game.
– Joe Morgan’s color commentary: pretty rough. “The rule book says…” ugh.
– Bo Diaz – RIP

TIcket from the Reds game were Pete Rose hit 4192


  1. Mike_R

    My Brother, Rick, was the bat-boy for that game. He stands in the dugout next to Pete quite a bit.
    -mike r

  2. Dan

    Oh, man, that is awesome! What a great moment for Rick. I couldn’t imagine being there – especially that close to the action.

  3. David Clark

    Yeah, not only did Browning finish second (to Vince Coleman) in ROY voting and 6th in Cy Young voting that year, Dave Parker finished 2nd in MVP voting (to Willie McGee).

  4. Mike_R

    I have a secret shame about this game…..
    My biggest sports regret….
    I was at the Sting concert at Riverbend.
    I heard Pete got his hit from Sting. Like he cares.
    Even worse…I had a ticket to the baseball game…i had gone the night before.
    commence ridicule

  5. Dan

    Mike, that’s painful! Oh!

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