An interesting twist

Adam Dunn Bobblehead
The Reds have posted their 2008 promotion calendar online.
Until this schedule was released, there was a TBD bobblehead on Saturday, July 26 against the Rockies. The spot is being filled by a “1980s-themed Adam Dunn Bobblehead Night” which fits into what adds up to an 80s themed weekend – the next day is “1980s-themed Kids Lunchbox Day”. The lunchbox sounds cool. I bet more adults will be interested than kids.

The bobbleheads:

Saturday, May 17
Brandon Phillips 30/30 Dual Bobblehead (Cleveland)

Saturday, July 26
1980s-themed Adam Dunn (Rockies)

Tuesday, Sept. 16
Tom Browning “Mr. Perfect” Bobblehead Night (Cardinals)

The Phillips bobblehead – I guess he’s getting paired up with someone else? Possibly on the Cleveland roster? Or, is he being dualed with himself? A stealing BP and a home run hitting BP? We’ll see.

There are a handful of other fun promotions worth highlighting… I’ll get to those soon. More on all this later.

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