Mr. Redlegs: Straight Ballin’

Mr. Redlegs giving the stiff-arm to Twister


  1. Paul

    This photo cracks me up.

    That red Hershey kiss thing looks terrified, and Mr. Legs looks like he’s posing for the Heisman.

  2. Gina

    Oops! Paul didn’t say that, I did.

    Didn’t mean to front, I thought I was logged in. :)

  3. Dan


    Is that a Hershey Kiss? I have no clue? I was thinking it’s some local mascot – for a business or something? Who cares, it’s getting PWNED by Mr. Redlegs.

  4. Paul

    I thought that the Hershey Kiss thing was a drop of blood, maybe the Hoxworth mascot?

  5. Dan

    Yep! that’s it. His name is “Buddy the Blood Drop”
    Photo | Logo

  6. Gina

    For real? It’s a blood drop?


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