Rosie Red: Coming to a GABP near you

Rosie RedThe Reds have announced the creation of a Rosie Red mascot that will join Mr. Red and Mr. Redlegs at Great American Ballpark this summer. It’s a small part of an overall plan to attract more moms (and kids along with them) to the ballpark. Sounds like a super fantastic move. Now, we can finally have a real live Mr. Reds Race – or whatever it’s called now.

You can find more information about the Reds’ Rosie Reds Club on their website and at (outdated, it seems to be).

dwin EncarnacionHere’s video (and article) of Edwin EncarnaciĆ³n jacking a quadrangular in winter ball play down in the Dominican Republic. Boom goes the dinamita!!!1!!1!!11!!11

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