Reds Classic Rewind: ’90 NLCS game 6

Danny Jackson vs. Barry Bonds

Very random thoughts:

– Was it a prerequisite to either have a mustache or huge mullet to play for the Pirates? They all seem to have one or the other.

– Bonds: He still wears his pants pretty high in the waist, but low on the stirrups.

– Danny Jackson: was a stud this game.

– TV graphics have come a long way.

– Make sure to check the comments of this post for more reflection from contributor, Paul.

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Off-Topic: Jerseys at Ballgames

Something I have always wondered: when did it become cool to wear jerseys to ball games – baseball or otherwise? I remember buying jerseys (or, my mom buying them) in the early ’90s when I was in junior high. Seeing the crowd in this game and the game last week from ’86 – you never see anyone in a Reds jersey. If you tune in today, you see them everywhere. I have a few myself. When did teams start really selling them? Also, I wonder who the first fan to wear a teams jersey to a game. When did that happen? in the 1960’s? ’70s? 1941? Did everyone at the game think this person was a total dork or was he pretty damn cool? Not that anyone would know, but it something I’d love to find out.


  1. Paul

    A couple other random thoughts on the game:

    • It was great hearing Jack Buck call the game. Joe Buck has a long way to go to be the caliber of broadcaster that his dad was.

    • Tim McCarver is an asshole. He is now, and he was back in 1990. A couple examples of his douchebaggery:
    – The foul ball back into the press box that Nuxhall was throwing down to a fan. McDouche comments that there’s no way Nuxhall caught that ball on the fly. (Ok, yeah, he probably didn’t catch it, but why you gotta hate on an old man?) Back off!
    – Davis’ hit to right that got past Reynolds. The official scorer ruled it a single and an error, which allowed Davis to go to second. McDouche got all up in arms about how it can’t be a single AND an error. Actually, Tim, yes, it can.
    – After Bonilla almost got hit in the foot by a Danny Jackson slider, McDouche gives us this gem: “Only Bobby Bonilla can get up and smile after something like that.” Really, Tim? Is that right? No one else in baseball could have smiled after that. Really? Bonilla is the ONLY player capable of smiling after nearly getting hit. Ok.
    – McDouche used the term “unmolested” when describing Quinones’ steal of 2nd base. Ewww.

    • Also, I loved Larkin taking out Don Slaught 3/4 of the way down the 3rd base line. Don Slaught got JACKED UP!

    • Dan, I had an Eric Davis jersey circa ’89-’93. I practically lived in that thing, but strangely I never wore it to a game, Not sure why.

  2. Dan

    Something I also wanted to post: This was the begining of my hate-affair with Tim McCarver, aka “McDouche”. Well, I think it started in the World Series that year, but this is close enough. I never thought that guy would still be broadcasting games today. Argh!

    Paul: Davis jersey – nice!

  3. Mike_R

    Agreed on McDouche. I hate that guy.
    also…how many former Reds were on that Pirate team? Power, Redus, Landrum….I’m sure there were more, but those were the ones I saw.

    • I was in the yellow seats for this one. 3rd base side. Had mom pick us up after the game (although I was in college)
    • Marge was insane.
    • I forgot how much I love Chris Sabo

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