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Go Reds! Beat the shit out of those damn A's!Welcome to omgReds.com. Please select from the following Cincinnati Reds fandom level menu:

1) “I freaking love the Reds. I have a framed picture of Paul Householder above my bed.”

Wow. That’s deep. We’ve got you covered though. Up-to-the-minute news and statistics that’ll make your head spin. You’ll be that obnoxious fan at your next Reds-themed potluck. They deserve it. They should’ve known Encarnacion’s batting average last season against left-handers in the first place. 

2) “I like the Reds, but only when they’re winning.”

Great. I suppose you weep uncontrollably when it rains too. Not really our thing, but we can help. The latest standings, who’s hot and who’s really not, from Opening Day through those six games you decide to check in on this year. Don’t worry about it – you can thank us at the playoffs.

3) “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of the Cincinnati Reds. You’ll have to get that checked out. Nasty shit.”

OK, so you’re clueless. That’s cool. There’s plenty of stuff here that is straight-up hilarious, Reds fan, casual Reds fan or not even close. 


  1. ChadGramling

    Your forgot a category: “I’m actually a Cubs fan, but if someone else from the Central has to win, I guess I’d root for the Reds.”

  2. Gina

    And another category: The Reds fans who are also die-hard Helmet Sundae fans.

    Rain, shine or wind, these fans are crazy hardcore about sprinkles – and the Reds.

  3. Dan

    I’ll run these suggestions past the board of directors.

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