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  • How many times did they show the replay of Davis’ injury? At least 20 throughout the broadcast. Did like hearing him talk about it though, he had a great line about how everyone thought it was heroic to stay in the game but he was praying they wouldn’t hit it to him. Didn’t hear/see any mention of how days later Marge declined to provide ED – the guy who hit a 2-run homer off Dave Stewart in Game 1 and had 5 RBI in the first 3 games of the series – with a medically equipped plane so he could return to Cincinnati to nurse the kidney he lacerated. But maybe I missed it.
  • Larry Starr sure did get a lot of time on camera, which I remember I thought was cool because his nephew, Jamie, was in my class in HS. Speaking of HS, did you realize that ’90 team had four guys who were from here? Pretty unheard of. Larkin (Moeller), Oester (Withrow), Benzinger (New Richmond) and Doran (Mt. Healthy).
  • It really wasn’t looking good when you considered Rijo’s rough first inning … you had to wonder if that huge blister on his finger was really bothering him … and having to insert two bench players (albeit solid bench players who would, in fact, help propel the Reds to the win) into the lineup in the second inning. So we’re supposed to win without the guy who had seven consecutive hits to start the series? Yup.
  • Plus they squandered some SERIOUS opportunities. The leadoff man got on base in the 5th, 6th and 7th (and, of course, the 8th). In the 6th, it looked like Stewart hit a brick wall. He walked Larkin, Herm Winningham had that beautiful flare into left, he retired O’Neill and Braggs walked. Hal Morris: Do ANYTHING but ground into a double play here! You’re lucky you won it with the sac fly in the 8th.
  • Have we ever heard exactly what Rijo screamed into the dugout after 7 innings, having retired his 16th consecutive batter? Just curious. I wonder if he dropped the F bomb.
  • Sabo had a GREAT friggin’ series. I know Hatcher hit .750 and had the best World Series of all time at the plate, but Sabo had 9 hits! And how close was that double in the 7th to getting out and tying the game. Crazy close.
  • How about showing Bob Welch and Jack Buck saying, “Bob Welch will pitch tomorrow night.” Uh, no he won’t.
  • One of the most brilliant things McCarver said: “Under normal circumstances, Rijo would be pulled here.” You mean if he hadn’t retired 16 in a row (on his way to 20 in a row) at this point? Is that not normal?
  • At one point, they showed Dave Stewart’s mom … I couldn’t tell, but it looks like she’s turning down an autograph request from a young girl when they show her. Which is more absurd? That a little girl wanted Dave Stewart’s mom to sign a ball, or that Dave Stewart’s mom said no?
  • Then they show Robin Williams, on hand to watch Oakland lose.
  • Is there a more unheralded, underrated great moment in World Series history than Herm Winningham’s bunt single in the 8th? Is there a less talked-about gaffe than Stewart’s errant throw to first on O’Neill’s bunt?
  • When Canseco pinch-hit in the 9th, how many people do you think said, “Wait a minute … Canseco didn’t start??”
  • Benzinger catches the foul, the celebration commences and what song do they play? “Thank You for Being a Friend,” a 1978 hit for Andrew Gold. Yes, the one that’s the theme song for “Golden Girls.” I know they play it at the end of every Oakland A’s home game, but I can think of at least 1,000 other songs I’d rather hear while celebrating a World Series title.
  • Extra fun fact No. 1: Marge Schott was so angry that the Reds swept – owners don’t start making a lot of money until Game 5 – that she refused to buy food or drinks for the celebration party. She pouted all the way home.
  • Extra fun fact No. 2: Did you know Oakland didn’t score from the 4th inning on in any of those games?

    1. Mike_R

      What a great post. Keep it up DC.

      There were 4 Cincinnati -area reds on the 90 team, but in 1987 the reds started…in a game…3b: Buddy Bell; SS Barry Larkin; 2B Ron Oester; 1B Pete Rose; RF Dave Parker and pitching Chris Welch- all Cincinnati guys.

      Did you see where CTR is working for Homer now?

    2. David Clark

      Thanks Mike. Good point, that ’87 squad was even more laden with locals.

      Hadn’t heard that about CTR … wonder what he’s doing exactly.

    3. Bay Rat North West

      Great post.

      As a Reds fan in Mississippi I had a lot of crap thrown my way before the series. And won double on all bets when they swept the A’s. I just bet bottles of Gatorade as anything else would be illegal. 28 bottles of red Gatorade. Victory never tasted so sweet. Or Red.


      i cannot believe i missed this. this and game 7 of the 75 world series are the two i really were hoping to catch. hopefully they’ll replay this.

      mike, i just heard that yesterday on 700wlw. i guess he’ll be covering sports on there also.

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