Even more Blanton talk

Tired of hearing about the possibility of the Reds trading for Erik Bedard or Joe Blanton? Who knows if the Bedard-for-Adam-Jones trade will ever go through, but it’s been so close for so long that at least that talk has died down. Which means of course the Blanton discussion is heating back up. Is it just because the A’s have already shown they’re interested in acquiring prospects (dealing Kotsay, Haren and Swisher), and the Reds have prospects? Who knows.

FoxSports.Com’s Ken Rosenthal says his source indicates there’s a 50-50 chance the A’s will end up trading Blanton. In a video on the site, he says at least two teams are showing significant interest in Blanton, but then he names the Twins and D-Rays after he mentions the Reds. He says the Dodgers are not in the mix.

Cincinnati.Com says the other team is the Dodgers. Last season the Dodgers were supposedly trying to acquire Blanton, but the A’s were reportedly asking too much.

Rosenthal points out that Blanton could make about $18 million in three years of arbitration. Not cheap. Blanton may be coming into his own though. He’s going to eat up innings (230 last year ranked fourth in the majors) … gotta like the career-best 3.95 ERA … and here’s the best one: 40 walks the entire 2007 season, for an average of 1.57 per nine innings. That’s outstanding. And he’s a good age: 27.

So we’ll go over it yet again: Harang, Arroyo (hopefully ’06 Arroyo) and Blanton would be a pretty formidable 1-2-3. But who are we willing to give up? Bruce? I seriously doubt it. Cueto? Probably not? Homer Bailey? Hard to say.

Reds.com’s Mark Sheldon explains why he doesn’t think it’s a good idea.


  1. warnickart.com

    Nice post Dave. I read that they’re asking for Bailey or Cueto, Votto and a third player for Blanton. Seems pretty pricey to me. Its gonna be interesting to see what happens over the next couple of days.

  2. Dan

    Yeah, agreed, that is pretty pricey. It’s great to have prospects to deal and all… but i really want to see what these guys can do.

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