Reds sign mullet to minor league deal

Craig Wilson

Does Craig Wilson still have the mullet? I’ll have to dig out my Craig Wilson bobblehead that I got a few years ago at a Pirates game in honor of his signing.

Remember to register for your chance to win a chance at a chance of an Opening Day ticket oppertunity. phew.


  1. Paul

    Viva la mullet!

  2. Dan

    Someone needs to make the “All-Mullet” team. the greatest ballplayers at each position that rocked the mullet. Dave?

  3. Paul

    Here a few submissions to the All-Mullet Team:

    Randy Johnson
    Dennis Eckersley
    John Kruk
    Rob Deer

  4. Dan

    Yeah, seriously. John Kruk has to be in the Baseball Mullet Hall of Fame and Museum.

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