Sarasota: Back in the mix

Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota

Less than a day after declaring Sarasota pretty much long gone, we now have this development:

Sarasota city officials voted 4-1 today to assemble an interlocal agreement in hopes of bringing the Reds back to the table and possibly staying in Sarasota. If the Reds do accept the offer from Goodyear, AZ, it’s all basically moot and Sarasota will go searching for another team to fill the void. Today’s vote is a very positive sign from the city that seemed to be willing to let the Reds go without a fight. Read more about the vote and what changed at the

Florida Governor Charlie Crist is also trying to keep Sarasota and the Reds together. During a stop today in Sarasota, he said that keeping the Reds in Florida is a priority of his. Read more at

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