A Perfect Evening

Tom Browning - Mr. Perfect

To watch Tom Browning toss a fatty goose against the Dodgers. Oh, how I remember hating the Dodgers back in the day. They were the perfect team for Browning to shut down. Perfect

Though it’s nice to see the game play by play, it’s cool that FSN is cutting in a lot with an interview with Browning. Nice to hear his thoughts on the game in detail.

Here’s the box score from that night, if you’re interested.

Great to hear Marty and Joe calling the game. Let’s hope Nuxie makes it into the Hall of Fame tomorrow.

Quick Game Note
– Looked like Sabo was going to pop a vein or two after being called out on a bang-bang pickoff play at first. Good ol’ Pete and his hair come out to argue right afterwards.

– Kirk Gibson goes nuts after he’s fanned by Browning in the 7th. LOL

– I think my parents were at this game – they actually went back the stadium after the rain delay ended. Good for them :)

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  1. Dennis

    I was at this game, too, so last night’s broadcast was extra-cool… I had never seen it on TV before.

    Coincidentally, I was also at last week’s “Reds Rewind Classic” game, the comeback against Cleveland. I’ve been very lucky as to the games I choose to attend…

    Nice site you’ve got here. I bookmarked it.

  2. Dan

    Oh wow. Great timing on your part.

    Also, thanks for the complements, Dennis. We’re just getting started around here. It’s going to be a fun season.

  3. David Clark

    I agree, it was great hearing Browning talk about it. I especially enjoyed the following:

    1) How he never tried to throw anything but a strike, and his 3-pitches-and-the-next-batter approach (which explains why he didn’t go to three balls against any batter that night)

    2) The Mickey Hatcher jam job anecdote that left the reversed Louisville Slugger logo on the ball

    3) “Thank God John Shelby played that day, get my strikeout total up”

    But letting your kids lose the final out in the woods near your house is right up there with the most painful lost-sports-relic tales of all time (with the most recent example being Papelbon’s dog eating the final out of the World Series). C’mon, Tom … take a few minutes to search for it in the woods.

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