Signing the Dragon Slayer?

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that the Reds are getting ready to sign Josh Fogg. Their source says it’ll be a one-year deal with a base salary of $1 million, which is very interesting considering the Rockies apparently offered him $5 million for 1 year. Guess he wanted to test the waters and see if he could land a big multi-year deal and it didn’t happen for him.

Numbers-wise he’s 60-60 over 7 big-league seasons. 10-9 last year with a 4.94 ERA. The best ERA he’s posted in a complete season is 4.35, and that was his rookie year. Horrible WHIP guy (1.52 and 1.54 the past two seasons), doesn’t get many strikeouts at all. Not a very good hitter either.

I do think it would be cool for the Reds to have a pitcher whose nickname is the “Dragon Slayer,” even if it came as a result of something he achieved with another team. He earned the name, by the way, by defeating the likes of Mussina, Schilling and Brandon Webb during the 2007 season.

I don’t know … do we really need another guy who eats up innings? Because aside from the “getting up for big games” thing that’s about all he does. I guess he’d be a serviceable fourth or fifth starter, if Volquez isn’t ready for that. But Fogg really isn’t even in the same class talent-wise as Blanton.


  1. Dan

    Yeah, the question is, where does this guy fit in? At $1 million for the year, he’s a cheap pick up for a veteran. I would imagine that he is just there to start while bailey/cueto season some more in the minors during the early part of the season. Are those guys really ready yet? hard to tell this early in spring training. Fogg just seems to be a little insurance and definitely not the longer term solution that Blanton or Bedard would have been.

    we’ll see how it all goes down in the next few weeks, of course.

  2. Robert

    Baker is known for his high pitch counts, so a pitcher with a history of durability is a good pick up. He’ll eat up innings while preserving our young arms. However, it will be a huge benefit come Sept. if Bailey/Cueto get some major league experience at the beginning of the year. I’ll play Switzerland and be neutral on this deal.

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