I can no hit curveball

OMG Major League

OMG Major League

It’s a crumby, nasty day here in the ‘Nati. No better way to spend it watching Major League while on the couch.

A week from now, I’ll be watching the Reds and Pirates play down in warm, sunny Sarasota. Can’t wait.

What’s your favorite baseball movie? Not sure you I have one. Major League is up there for sure. I’ve always loved 8 Men Out because of the obvious Cincinnati connection. The Natural, Field of Dreams… you know, all the classics. Here are the top 10 baseball movies according to Baseball America. So, what’s your fav?

Oh, did you all see that The Mullet is Audi 5000?


  1. fwbaseball

    For Love of the Game.

    Anywho, got the AAA All-Start tickets today. Can’t wait to meetup for that. Should be a great time.

  2. Dan

    OMG! AAA AS GAME! Sweet. That will be fun. OMGreds.com coverage, fo shizzle.

  3. Bay Rat North West

    How can you not love Rookie of the Year? Drama, comedy, a love triangle – Boy meets boat – Boy meets girl – Boy is torn. Did I mention the science fiction aspect? Who actually believe the Cubs will win it all?

  4. warnickart.com

    nice green xbox!

  5. Dan

    Rookie of the Year. Totally. Right up there with Air Bud.

    xbox – yep! holla!

  6. Paul

    My favorite baseball movie is definitely Major League, probably because I grew up in Milwaukee and they filmed the stadium scenes in the now demolished Milwaukee County Stadium. Why they didn’t just film the scenes in Cleveland is still a mystery to me, but I remember begging my parents to take my brothers and me down to the stadium during the filming so we could try to be extras in the crowd. Sadly, the weren’t nearly as interested as I was in being one of 50,000 extras.

    Also, Bob Uecker – radio voice of the Brewers – is by far the funniest part of the movie. “Juuuuust a bit outside.”

  7. Gina

    “I must be in the front row!”

    That’s my fave Bob Uecker line.

    I loved The Natural when I was little. Still do, but I watch it less now. It seems like it used to always be on when I was growing up.

    I had a mad crush on Robert Redford (who didn’t!) and would run around the living room (tagging “bases”) when he hit his big, lights-out homer.

  8. Daedalus

    i’ll be at that pirates game, too! and the yanks and indians games next week.

    can’t wait!

  9. Dan

    @daedalus: sweet! can’t wait for some warm weather, huh? Thanks for the link over at the Church. Love your blog. Preach on, my brotha!

    Another OMG contributor is going to the Yankees game that next week too. Dave?

  10. Daedalus

    ahem…sister, not brother! :)

    do you have tix to that pirates game yet? we have three extras (had to buy six for the yanks game and had to buy the pirates tix when we bought the yanks tix as part of a package.)

  11. Dan


    My apologies!!! :) We do have tickets already for the Reds/Pirates game. Thanks for the offer, though. We didn’t run into this, but those packages kinda blow for folks just traveling to one or two games while on vacation… or don’t need six tickets to every game in the package :)

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