Marlins looking for dancing fat dudes

Florida Marlin Mermaids
Whoa. The Florida Marlins are holding tryouts for The Manatees. Yes, the Manatess, an all fat guy dance team that will be preforming at Marlins games this year. Other than the shear thrill of grinding your fat ass in front of 2,000 fans every night, there’s not much compensation -Manatees just get tickets to the game the preform. Pretty lame.

So, for all those baseball fans out there that are thinking of traveling to Miami to see a baseball game – don’t. Not only are you likely to be the only person there, you’ll also have to endure the fat dudes.

So, what’s up with the photo of the Marlins’ female dance team, The Mermaids? Well, consider this a favor from your homies at Did you really want to see a fat guy dancing? Yeah, neither did we.


  1. cburns10


  2. Bay Rat North West

    Dan, what would it take for you guys to do a background for my Reds Cards site?

  3. Dan

    Not much at all. We were thinking of having a OMG blog of the week or something. We’ll get you in there for sure. We have a few other faves as well. Should be fun. Not sure when we’ll get that up, but we’ll drop you a heads up when it happens :)

  4. Bay Rat North West

    Thanks. I can only hope to stand in the shadow of OMGhelmetsunday.

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