Ol’ Leatherpants is Crazy! (and stockpiling former Reds)

Photo by Peter Lockley / The Washington Times

I think we all know that former Reds GM Jim Bowden (aka Leatherpants) is crazy. The latest example is the above photo of him rollin’ at Spring Training on a Segway (Thanks to Deadspin). Nice wheels, dude. Whatever.

Bowden has “his guys” (read 5-tool players and injury prone pitchers) and tried to collect as many of them as possible while in Cincinnati (which translated to years of mediocre teams). So it should be no surprise that Bowden has managed to bring some of these guys over to Washington’s crapfest of a team.

Here’s a list of former Reds that are currently on the Nationals 40-man roster or at least in camp with them this spring:

P Ryan Wagner
P Rob Bell
C Chad Moeller (although he doesn’t really count since he was with the Reds under Krivsky)
1B Dmitri Young
IF Aaron Boone
IF Bret Boone (came out of retirement!)
IF William Bergolla
SS Felipe Lopez
OF Austin Kearns
OF Wily Mo Pena

P Brandon Claussen was also with the Nats for a while last year while rehabbing, but never played.

Um, yeah, good luck with those guys, Leatherpants. My guess is that Bret Boone, Bergolla, Bell and Moeller don’t have a shot at making the club. I am actually a big fan of both Kearns and Wily Mo, and hope they both have big years. I’m curious to see how those two do in the Nats new park.


  1. Dan

    What a douchebucketron. I’m surprised he doesn’t have a fanny pack on. What happened to his Coogi sweaters? Did him and Marty B shop together for those when he was the Reds GM?

  2. Bay Rat North West

    Why the nickname Leatherpants?

  3. Daedalus

    last year at a nats game (i lived in dc) a fellow reds fan and i shouted go reds all night. gotta say, it was really weird with young, kearns, pena, and lopez all starting.

  4. Paul

    Red Reporter gives a good explanation of the origin of Jim Bowden’s “Leatherpants” nickname here.

  5. Bay Rat North West

    I just saw were you left off Brandon Watson on the list of former Reds with D.C.

  6. Paul

    Actually, it looks like Watson is in camp with Philly this spring.

    But yeah, he did spend some time in DC after wearing a Reds uniform.

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