Spring Training or Bust

Old spring training photo
Hey ya’ll OMGreds.com fans… I’ll be in Sarasota this weekend to take in the sunshine and a little baseball. I’ll be photoblogging for OMGreds.com right here on our new photos page during the Reds/Pirates game on March 1. Look for more (and better) photos after the weekend. I’ll also be trying to get Brook Jacoby and Chris Speier autographs. Which me luck!

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  1. Bay Rat North West

    Have fun! It should be a blast.

    I need the help of the PMG reds staff. I have a card and cannot figure out who it is. It is the last card of this post http://tinyurl.com/27fprr
    The background matches last years cards so I feel it is a rookie from last year but cannot figure out who.

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