From Sarasota

Ken Griffey Jr. catch
It’s warm. It’s nice. No complaints. Not missing Cincy much right now at all. How is it up there?

Anyways, got a chance to catch the Reds and Bucs get it on Saturday. It was a fun game to watch – Junior and Dunn go deep and Chris Dickerson hit a shot that it still orbiting the earth. The Pirates defense was absolutely AWFUL. My god. It was horrible. You have no clue. Oh, and I got a GREAT photo of Griffey making a pretty nice over-the-shoulder catch in right field (see above). Balls to right field seemed to be a problem… everyone was having trouble playing fly balls hit out there. I guess the wind was swirling or something? I dunno.

It was a beautiful day to watch a ballgame in Florida. If you haven’t had a chance – check out photos from my camera phone on the photos page. There are a few extras in there from the Beach (Longboat Key) and one from the finish of the Sarasota Half-Marathon. Yes, I got in a Reds game and a race. Busy weekend. The rest is devoted to the beach. Oh – more photos are up on flickr, too.

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  1. David Clark

    That’s a great pic of Griffey.

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