Spring Training, Part 2

I’m down in Florida this weekend to catch a few Reds games. Too bad Jay Bruce didn’t stick around with the big club for a few more days, I would have liked to watch him play. I’m sure I’ll get the chance in CIncinnati later this year, though.

Here’s my agenda: golfing today in Jacksonville, then heading to Kissimmee to watch the Reds/Astros on Saturday. Sunday in Sarasota for the Reds/Rays. Hope to see Cueto pitch one of those games, keeping my fingers crossed.

I’ll try to update with some photos on the OMGReds photoblog. But a word of warning, my cameraphone sucks.


  1. Dan

    Awesome, Paul! Keep us updated and have fun. Looking forward to some photos.

  2. Gina

    So that’s where you went. Hmmh.

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