Dynamic Duo

Josh Hamilton and Homer Bailey
I was at Target last night and decided to pick up a few packs of baseball cards. I’m not THAT into baseball cards any more, but it’s fun to grab a few packs once in a blue moon and rip ’em open. One of the pack’s I bought was a Topps 2007 Rookies – 1952 Edition. These cards designs are based on the old ’52 Topps series. I’m a sucker for the old designs and almost anything from the ’50s is totally money. The Josh Hamilton Homer Bailey duo card came in the one pack I bought. Awesome! Now, picking this card up last year would have been awesome, but I still love it. It was hard to see Hamilton traded and Bailey has been having his troubles in spring training this year. I wish Hamilton good luck with the Rangers. Our Savior, Homer, will be a great one soon… Reds fans just have to hold tight for a while.

I was reading the back of the packaging for that pack of cards and I thought it was funny that there was this disclaimer:

“Topps does not, in any manner, make any representations as to whether its cards will attain any future value”

How long have they been putting that on there?


  1. KC

    Don’t kid yourself, Dan; you ARE THAT into baseball cards.

  2. Dan

    You got me, I’m pretty much a nerd.

    I will be burning all of the Cubs cards I got last night. Should be good times.

  3. Bay Rat North West

    Make sure you video the burning. We can post on the sights and have a great time.
    Congrats on the card. I have yet to pull any Reds out of 24 packs I have bought this month. Gonna have to start buying boxes again.

  4. Dan

    Damn, no Reds? That’s rough. I won’t tell you what else I got then :)

    Cubs card burning… it’s on. Probably. It might have to happen at Wrigley. Yes. I have to have a Ron Santo card around here somewhere…

  5. Bay Rat North West

    I have been having problems with your blog. When I click on individual stories all I get is html and no background. Don’t know if I am the only one or not.
    Let me know when the burn is on. I can send you some Chicago national league baseball team cards.
    Let me know if you ever want to post on Reds Cards. More the merrier as I start med school and have a little less time.

  6. Dan

    Ah, thanks! you fix one thing, and it just breaks another. All fixed now.

    We’ll probably leave all the baseball card posted to you :) I don’t think we would do your blog justice!

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