GABP Goes ‘Green’

Great American Ball Park Recycles!
The Reds posted an article today highlighting the many improvements and new features you’ll see while attending game at GABP this season. Among them are the Toyota Tundra in center field waiting for a dent to be put in it, the new stuff-yer-face section and the super-expanded pro-shop thing-a-ma-jigger just off the third base seats. Oh, and there are bunch of new flat-screen TVs with all the other games on them live. That way, all the Cubs fans that got dragged to the game by a client can go catch what’s happin’ on good ol’ ‘GN.

But, what I think tops the list of new features this year is the recycling program. FINALLY! I can’t imagine the amount of waste that leaves GABP after every game and how much of that can be recycled. I’m sure this has to be a trend at ballparks this season since every corporation in America has tired to appear “green” over the past year. But, better late than never. They are also taking all the cooking oils used in the kitchens and concession stands and reusing it as bio-diesel fuel. Cool.

Kudos to the Reds, Hamilton County and Rumpke for figuring it out.

Now, lets expand this to other venues… US Bank Arena, Riverbend, Cintas Center, Shoemaker, etc. Maybe some of those places already have programs in place… I’m not sure… but, I was really happy to read this today. Even happier than hearing about the newly-remolded Machine Room.


  1. Mike_R

    I agree. So much waste….but its all in one place so its a natural for recycling collecting. Good work Reds.
    I also think more blog posts should have the AWESOME tag.

  2. Dan

    Heck yeah! It’s just good SEO – any one that Googles “Reds+Awesome”…!!!

  3. Bay Rat North West

    Here;s an article for you Dan about th Reds newest signing:

  4. Bay Rat North West

    put in this one

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