OMG! It was Opening Day

The ENTIRE staff is bummed out about the Reds’ loss today in the opening game. We have a day to heal up tomorrow and the Reds will be back at it Wednesday night.

Until then, you can admire the lame camera-phone-photography over at the photo blog. Are we plugging the photo blog enough for you? If we mention photo blog too much, will you not come back? Photo blog. All in all, not bad photos, but we could have done better. We didn’t even chase down Mr. Redlegs. We’ll get ’em next time, yo.

There are some nice photos up on “THAT OTHER BLOG” too, if you’re interested. Some bullshit about helmet sundaes or something. Whatevs.


  1. Bay Rat North West

    You guys are too lucky. Man I want to be there for opening day.

    I need some names of people for a new blog I am trying out.

    Let me know what you can come up with.

  2. Gina

    Don’t hate just because omgHelmetSundae’s photoblog is better.

  3. Old guy like you

    Do you still need a Harnisch bobble? I have an extra one. I am missing a few, and will trade you for it if you have any extras (Graves 01, Harang/Robinson 07). Let me know.

  4. Dan

    Yep, still need Harnisch… I have Harang and Robinson too. Drop me an email – dan [at]

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