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John Matarese
John Matarese, if you are going to bring the deals… why don’t you step up to the plate and BRING THE DEALS!!!!11?!!1/1

Cincy’s very own Koupon King posted a King Kwick lineup of deals on/at Reds games this year and pulled a TOTAL FAIL. The Meijer 4 for $54 is great and all, and he had to talk about the all-you-can-shove-down-your-throat seats because everyone does, but he didn’t get to the down and dirty.

Now, we have to put a better list together… but there are lots of way to get Reds tickets on the cheap all year long. You just to do a little planning. Here are a few examples off the top of my OMGhead…

Reds Community Fund 1/2 price tickets
Make a $1 donation to the Reds Community Fund and you’ll receive a half-price discount on a view-level ticket for any* future Monday-Thursday Reds game during 2008. I believe you will have to make this donation at the Reds Community Fund booth at a Reds game.

*Excluded are 6/10 & 9/16 – promo nights.

UDF Ticket Discount
For a limited time, visit any Greater Cincinnati, Dayton or Columbus UDF location and you can receive a half-price discount on Reds tickets with your gas purchase (minimum 8 gallons). Click here for more information.

Pepsi Ticket Discount – UPDATE!
Here’s the info on the Pepsi 50% off tickets deal. From the can:

Offer good on all Field Box, Mezzanie and View Level in April and May, 2008. Bring this can to the Great American Ball Park ticket window or go online to and enter “Pepsi” in the Special Offer Box. Offer subject to availability. Offer not available Opening Day (March 31, 2008) or the Cleveland series (May 16 – May 18, 2008). Limit 4 tickets per can, 2 cans per person. Not to be used with any other offer.

This was pulled directly off a Diet Pepsi can. The person that passed this deal along to me tried to buy tickets online using the “Pepsi” promotional code and was unable to get the discount. The gave a call to Reds ticketing and didn’t get anywhere. I’m sure taking a can to GABP will work… plus it will be your least expensive option considering you won’t pay extra fees buying tickets directly.

Now, that is not even counting College nights, Teen Nights, Senior Citizen discounts Family Days all those other promos that the Reds have been doing for year. Like Matarese says in his article, the Reds are on of the best deals in baseball… and you can get an even better deal if you work at it a little.

Any other deals that readers know about? Make sure to leave us a comment and tell us how to do Reds games on the cheap.

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