Cueto’s Debut = OMG!

You’ll have to forgive me as this might be a little bit premature to say, but Johnny Cueto is a total stud.

In his Major League debut this afternoon, Cueto took the Diamondbacks to school. He went 7 innings, gave up one hit, one run, and had 10 Ks and 0 walks (his control was amamzing, 68 of his 92 pitches were strikes). You gotta love a guy who goes after hitters like Cueto does.

Cueto left after 7 and ol’ Stormy Weathers came in and promptly got on his knees in an attempt to blow the game. Three walks later, Lincoln came in and after a sac fly that made the score 3-2 Reds, got Chris Young to strike out for the fourth time today.

The Reds new closer Francisco Cordero came in to nail down the 9th.

Reds are now 2-1 and stay at home this weekend for a four game series with the Phillies that starts Friday.


  1. Dan

    I didn’t get to follow along today since I was in an all-afternoon meeting, but it sounds awesome. 10 Ks! Go Cuteo!


    Yes, such a great start yesterday! I think at one point out of the first 11 or 12 outs 7 of them were strikeouts. Pretty outstanding.

    I’ll be at the game on Sunday. I’m excited to get to see Volquez’s first start.

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