Repeat after me…

Jeff Brantley
Edwin Encarnacion is not a clutch player.
Edwin Encarnacion is not a clutch player.
Edwin Encarnacion is not a clutch player.
Edwin Encarnacion is not a clutch player.
Edwin Encarnacion is not a clutch player.



  1. Paul

    I actually really like Brantley as an announcer, but he was a complete fool tonight.

    Edwin jacked that ball. CLUTCH!

  2. Gina

    I hate Brantley. Mostly I hate looking at him. He reminds me of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, with a dash of serial killer mixed in.

    Eek, Brantley. You’re scary looking. Go away.

  3. Dan

    Yeah, that photo is too perfect.

    I don’t know if I like him or not… it’s a tough call most of the time. I like how he tells it like it is… but he also makes himself look like an ass sometimes. ah well.

    Edwin totally raked tonight. Good to see. May he never have to lay down a bunt again.

  4. Paul

    I think Brantley has come a long way since the beginning of the 2007 season. He was absolutely terrible in April/May last year, and the radio broadcasts were painful to listen to. But by the end of the year, he was much more comfortable in the booth and really developed his own style of announcing and really flourished as Marty’s partner. They developed a nice chemistry in the booth together.

    He is a total jackass, but I appreciate his insights when it comes to pitching. He definitely knows what he’s talking about when he analyzes a pitcher, and it’s nice to have a former player in the booth as opposed to the “Bad Boy” Steve Stewart and his bland homerun calls that could put a meth addict to sleep.

    He is, however, still grossly unprepared and uninformed, as evidenced by tonight’s claim that Edwin isn’t a clutch hitter.

  5. Mike_R

    1) Thom gets a dig on Brantley in his homerun call.
    2) A Reds walk-off win AND Jeff Brantley making an instant ass of himself!? Perfect
    3) Dusty…bunting EE? Cmon man.
    4) Out performing The Bad Boy isn’t too tough.
    5) Re: Brantley-I think I fall in the I don’t know if I like him or not category as well, despite my harping on his weird leering face and stupid voice…Honestly.
    6) ATOB2TR!

  6. David Clark

    Outstanding. It would have been sufficient just with flashing the stat of EE’s average with runners in scoring position last year AS Brantley was calling him “not a clutch player.” But for him to hit a walk-off seconds later … it made for one of the best minutes of a Reds broadcast that I can remember.

    Also, count me in the category of Brantley haters.

  7. Bay Rat North West

    I guess I am the Cowboy’s Tonto. As someone who spent a night drinking with him at Hal and Mals in Jackson before I moved to Salt Lake City, I have a different view. I enjoy hearing him on the radio (xm) and talk abut back home plus he takes jokes well. Not the best announcer but name one who never messes up.

  8. Mike_R

    I’m not willing to commit to hating him because I have to listen to him 140+ times this summer. I may settle for Love to Hate.

  9. Paul

    When you look at the other options in the booth now(besdies Marty), Brantley starts looking pretty good:


    No thanks, I’ll take Brantley over any of those guys every time.

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