They’re Together Again!

With Bronson Arroyo on the mound today, I thought I’d mention the two new JTM (a.k.a. Jesus, That’s Meat?) commercials that he and broadcaster Chris Welsh star in.

Bronson really seems to be getting into it while rockin’ out on his guitar and singing about fake meat. Both spots are pretty funny, but they’ll be impossible to watch in about 7 minutes because FSN airs them constantly.

Question: Will Bronson play this song during one of his concerts?

Sure is windy there!

Bronson give the camera a pretty fierce look at the end of this one, look out!


  1. Mike_R

    The radio version is funny because its starts out with Bronson saying…in a tough-guy voice. “Hey! This is Bronson.” Yikes! He may actually be a tough guy, but he just doesn’t look like it.

  2. Dan

    Paul – thanks for posting this. I saw the commercials over the weekend while watching the games… they are so awful. Guess that’s the beauty of it? Where’s that Arroyo car deal commercial when you need it?

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