He did it again

Reds lose 2-1 are tied 2-2 in the 10th lose 3-2 tonight in Milwaukee. The Reds wasted a great start by Cueto by scoring only one run while he was on the mound and made Jeff Suppan look like Cy Young. Cueto gave up a homerun to Bill Hall in the 7th which proved once again that he absolutely kills the Reds. We need to trade for that dude, if for no other reason that to be able to beat the Brewers.

Some of Bill Hall’s numbers:
– He’s a .264 career hitter. Against the Reds, he’s hitting .314.
– He has a career .468 SLG. Against the Reds, his SLG is .623
– Of his 83 84 career homeruns, 15 16 have come against the Reds (probably all game-winners)
– 48 or his 301 career runs have come against the Reds.

And just when I was ready to publish this post, Patterson goes and his a homerun to tie it up! Suck it, Bill Hall, you got nothin’ on us!

What happened to Eric Gagne? That dude has been a disaster. Terrible last year with Boston, and continues to give up bombs and lose games for the Brewers this year. Was his name on the Mitchell Report?

One other thing…how about the Reds bullpen this year? Overall, I’ve been really impressed with their ability to either hold the lead or not make the deficit much worse. I think they’ve done an outstanding job so far this year – a welcome improvement from last year. And great to see guys like Coffey, pitching well again, as well as newcomers like Affeldt, Lincoln and Mercker (sort of) pitching effectively.

Ok, last thing…what’s up with the Reds leaving runners on base? It seems like so far this year they’ve stranded a lot of runners (10 so far tonight). Cueto deserves better than that (and so does Harang).


  1. Dan

    Mr. Redlegs is getting jacked in that photo. That’s about how it’s been against the Brewers the past few years.

  2. Bay Rat North West

    Let Hall stay were he is. The Chicago National League team decided to sign Jeff Blauser because of his Cub Killer mode. He then stunk up the joint for 4 years. Not that there is big difference between North Side fans and players in smell.

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