What about Kyle Lohse pitching 12 scoreless innings in two starts for St. Louis. Seriously don’t you just love YouTube? I don’t know which is more surprising, finding a video collage of Kyle Lohse, or someone spending the time to create such a video of Kyle Lohse. Outstanding.


  1. Dan

    Why do people make those videos? Kinda lame… they are all over the place on YouTube. You think you’re clicking on something that might be interesting but you end up getting a poorly paced photo gallery to a mega-lame tune. duuuuuuuurrr.

  2. Paul

    Wow, there was a lot of teenage angst in that video. Of course, I’d have plenty of angst too if I were a fan of Kyle Lohse.

    I love the shots of him looking back over his shoulder at a homerun ball that’s headed for the upper deck, or hanging his head in the dugout after a bad start…vintage Lohse.

    And you know a 6 run, 1 1/3 inning start is just around the corner for him.

  3. Dan

    EMO – is that what they call it these day? Should have used a Cure song.

    I might have to make a ghey video photo gallery montage one of these days… just need a subject. ideas?

  4. warnickart.com

    how about a you do a lame video photo montage of lame video photo montages.

  5. Dan

    I’ll do “An Ode to Jeff Brantley”

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