OMG… I had this weekend long dream that the Pittsburgh Pirates handed the Cincinnati Reds their asses during an entire 3 game series. It was cRaZY! The maddening part of the dream was that every single inning, the Reds would load the bases, but never get a run in. It was like was like one of those dreams where you were falling, but never hit the ground – cRaZY! Thank gawd that it was only a dream and there is really no way the Pirates could ever beat the Reds 3 games in a row. I mean, that is impossible. What a nightmare!


  1. Mike_R

    I had the same weird nightmare!
    The “meat” of our batting order is really letting us down. Oy. Can’t we escape April with some hope?

  2. fwbaseball

    Hey, nice pic of Rivas tho. He’s a former Fort Wayne Wizard you know.

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