WTF Fogg?

Settle down, cowboy… at least give us a chance tonight.

3rd Inning Update: Holy mother of gawd… that was aweful.

Word on the street is the Matt Belisle is ready to get busy with it up at the show. I don’t know that they’ll replace Fogg after this start (he did have a good spring), but his leash can’t be too long with both Homer Bailey and Belisle down in AAA.

3rd Inning Update #2: We are getting STROKED.

7th Inning Update: Chris Welsh said earlier to Thom that he would shave his mustache if the Reds came back and won tonight. Looks we’ll be seeing him with the ‘stach tomorrow. This is just an old school beat-down.

Anyways, will be at Wrigley tomorrow. Tune in on the photoblog. Let’s hope they can pull something out tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Bay Rat North West

    Just letting you know there is a new pocket schedule out for the Reds with Mr. Redlegs on the front. Be on the lookout for it.

  2. Dan

    Sweet, thanks… we’ll be on the lookout.


    did anyone hear marty rip on the cubs fans last night calling them “the most obnoxious fans in baseball”? probably the best 3 minutes of radio i’ve heard in awhile.

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