Marty Brennaman, Folks!
Brennamaina… it’s running wild right now, folks. Check out this Cubs fan and his take on the whole Marty/Cubs fan thingiamajig. He really makes me look long and hard about how I feel about Cubs fans. Maybe they aren’t too bad after all.

Now, I’ve heard that Marty cussed out Brantley and stormed out of the booth over the weekend. This is not the case, apparently. After a little research, it sounds like he dropped the hammer on Reds PR Director, Rob Butcher in regards to Josh Fogg news from Dusty. I have not heard the audio, but it sounds like an actual “cussing out” is debatable at best. More on this over at Apparently, a rather heated discussed could be heard through Brantley’s microphone. You go, Marty!

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