Dude. Bra. WTF?

Helmet Sundae
As you probably already know, this blog and others have some serious love for the helmet sundae. If it’s not a beer night (it’s always a beer night) we are definitely rockin’ the helmet sundae. Hell, we’ll even rock both. I saw something at tonight’s ball game (9-3 loss to the Dodgers – gah!) that pissed me off.

While sitting in the right field stands, a group of folks were sitting to the right me having a good time. When their friend walked up with his helmet sundae in hand, they started to barrage him with hell.

“Dude, are you a sissy?”

“WTF, dude?

“Dude, you got a helmet sundae? Dude.”

Something like that at least.

My homie with the helmet sundae trekked all the way to the other side of the stadium to track down his tasty treat and he comes back to only get hell from his “bras”.

WTF, dudes? You can’t enjoy a delicious helmet sundae and still be a man’s man? I don’t buy it. It was jealously all the way. Homie had some dedication to track that thing down… and made sure to get a cherry on top. Which some dude called a strawberry. Lame.

Via la helmet sundae!

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