The Ohio Cup

The Ohio Cup

Maybe I missed it, but this is the first time they have called the Indians/Reds series the “Ohio Cup”, right? It does beg the questions, is there actually a cup? A physical cup that the teams take home when they win the series? I guess that would be okay and all… just not really all that baseball like. It’s more of a football thing, ya know?

EDIT: There apparently is a cup! According to this post on ClassX Radio Sports and the Reds, the Ohio Cup will be showcased at the Reds HOF and Museum as well as on Fountain Square throughout the weekend. I’ll Try and get a photo.

EDIT #2: It’s alive! Here’s a crummy photo of the Ohio Cup.

Well, after further research the Reds and Indians played an exhibition game every season dubbed the “Ohio Cup”. From 1989-1996 the games were played just before the start of the regular season in Columbus’ Cooper Stadium, home of the Columbus Clippers. The Indians PWND the Reds in the series, 6-2. The whole thing was scrapped with start of interleague play in 1997. Still no word on a physical “cup”.

This brings up another sticking point with me, at least. Must the Reds and Indians play two series every year? I guess after 10 years of interleague play, I’m kinda over it. I would rather see the Reds play one more AL team each season. Maybe do just one Ohio series a season, switching cities each year? I believe that would put a little more excitement in the whole thing. Do folks still get excited about this series?

I should talk though… I’ll be heading to two games this weekend. Keep an eye on the photoblog, as always.

I know what you’re thinking… we took the high road on this one. It would have been to easy, you know? Well, if you must…


  1. thewritersjourney

    I hate interleague play; always have. Sure, it’s kind of neat to be able to see the Red Sox or the Indians or (who else are they even playing this year?), but not enough to make it part of the regular season. I say interleague play should be reserved for Spring Training, the All-Star Game and the World Series. That’s it. End of story. GET SELIG OUT OF BASEBALL!!! HE’S RUINING IT!!! Sorry.

  2. Dan

    hmm… I do like interleague play. I think they just do too much of it. Maybe two series a year instead of four? It is four, right?

    Being able to watch the Reds play at Yankee Stadium this year will be a treat… so I have to thank interleague for that. Playing the devilRAYS… boo.

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