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I meant to post this earlier today, but did anyone else think it was pretty boneheaded to have Bronson Arroyo bat in a 5-5 game in the 6th with a man on when you know you’re about to take him out of the game anyway? Isn’t the idea to pinch hit for him if his spot comes out and you’re planning on yanking him? I understand that he was just trying to move the runner over with a bunt (they got the lead runner at second, as it turns out) but why not send Hatteberg or pretty much your best bat off the bench (it’s late enough in the game and it’s tied) to try to retake the lead. If someone understood Dusty’s logic, I’d love to hear an explanation.

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  1. hyperQUAKE

    I hear your point. I was surprised too… This is what I believe Dusty was thinking…

    If goal was just to get the runner over, Bronson was as good as anyone he would send up there. He’s a good bunter. Rather than waste a good pinch hitter in THAT situation, he used Arroyo. Since we didn’t get a damn run that inning, it looks bad. If we would have scored that runner, it would have been borderline brilliant?

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