The future begins…Tuesday.

Jay Bruce
The Reds brass must have read Dave’s Corey Patterson post last week, because they’ve finally decided to call up Jay Bruce.

From Mark Sheldon:

Bruce, considered the consensus top prospect in all of professional baseball, will be promoted to the Reds from Triple-A Louisville on Tuesday and make his Major League debut in Cincinnati against the Pirates.

In 49 games with Louisville this season, Bruce led the International League with a .364 batting average and 67 hits. The outfielder also had 10 home runs, 37 RBIs and an on-base plus slugging percentage of 1.023.

Not sure what happens to Patterson (the Reds are on the hook for $3 mil) or who takes over the leadoff spot (whoever they put there can’t possibly do any worse than Patterson’s .242 OBP, including his 0-8 performance on Sunday).

Needless to say, OMGReds is pretty excited about this announcement.


  1. Dan

    Oh holy jeezus, hallelujah! Holla at ya boy!

  2. Dan

    Oh, well… who’s going to the game tomorrow night?

    Pen me in.


    Excellent! Should be interesting to see who gets moved indeed.


    so i hear it might be hatteberg.

  5. Dan

    Hatteburg is getting DFA. That’s too bad… he’s been a pretty good asset to this team on and off the field. Damn Corey Patterson!

    >via Fay’s blog


    Yeah, I liked Hatteburg. Although now he can get picked up somewhere and be a starter or at least get more playing time.

    BTW I am not a fan of the new blog set up.

  7. Dan

    Bruce’s debut: fantastic?

  8. Paul

    After tonight’s debut, I think we might need to start a new blog devoted to Jay Bruce.

  9. Dan



    hey did you guys make it down to the game? i was very tempted, but henry and i had fun watching the game on tv . great game!

  11. Dan

    Nope, didn’t end up going. I was glued to the TV last night though. That was fun.

  12. Paul

    I didn’t get out there either, but I listened to/watch the last 5 innings.

    He looked pretty good in last night’s game too (which I also didn’t go to)

    Maybe tonight.

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