N’est-il pas mignon?

Jeff Brantley and his beret
OMGreds.com west coast correspondent mike_r whipped up this bad-boy after Marty and Thom discussed how good Mr. Brantley must look in a beret. I missed that action on the radio… but I can only imagine it was some good stuff.

mike_r is also single-handedly the Reds’ west coast Reds Killer. He has personally attended… I think… 9 Reds losses to teams on the other side of the country. Zero wins. He even got to take in 14 of 18 innings of that last game in San Diego. Ouch. Regardless, he’s got some photos and commentary for your enjoyment. Sorry we didn’t post sooner. I guess it was tonight’s loss to the Buc-Ohs and Mr. Dumatrait that inspired us.


  1. Mike_R

    Nice! Thanks. Sadly my West Coast record is 1-11 ( I saw JTM beat the Padres last Saturday)– OMG Reds meetup in Arizona in September?

  2. Dan

    1-11… damn. Hard luck.

    Yeah, actually… sorry that I didn’t post your stuff earlier. Glad our west coast team is working hard.

    Arizona – lets book those flights!

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