Mariah vs. Mallory

It’s a showdown of epic proportions. Who’s ceremonial first pitch was worse: pop-sensation Mariah Carey or Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory?

Mariah was in Japan this week throwing out the first pitch at the Tokyo Dome. She must have gotten her heels caught in the dirt during the delivery. Or maybe that jacket was a little too snug and she couldn’t get the full range of motion she needed in her arm.

Here’s the “crafty right-hander” Mark Mallory delivering the first pickoff attempt of a runner at first base pitch before the Reds Opening Day game in 2007. Take notice of the umpire making the gesture as if he’s thrown Mallory out of the game. Also, Eric Davis’ reaction after the pitch is priceless. He seems genuinely amazed that the ball was so far off target.

Worst ceremonial first pitch: Mariah or Mallory? OMGReds decides.

Who threw out the worst first pitch?
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  1. Mariah Carey is the great singer out there..i’ve been listening to her music since i was like a little kid

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