Suck it, Atlanta!


  1. Dan


    Pretty fun to be a Reds fan right now :)

  2. Paul

    Did you guys know we’re only 1 game under .500?

  3. warnickart.com

    dude, wish i knew you were at the game, henry and i were sitting in left field. then ran on the bases afterwards. helmet sundae pick to come!

  4. Dan

    Rob: you took Henry around the bases? That’s awesome. Any pics of that??

  5. warnickart.com

    yeah, i’ll have to download them from my camera. he slept through it though. i tried to wake him up but he was having none of it. we got a pic of him sliding head first for home among others.

  6. Dan


  7. Gina

    Awww, I’m so bummed we missed you and Henry!

    Somewhat unrelated – I love the new omgReds tagline. I can only assume omgReds is in my kitchen eatin’ chicken.

  8. Paul

    That’s awesome that you and Henry ran the bases. Yeah, it’s too bad we didn’t know you were going too…Gina and I were sitting on the third base side in 415.

    Can’t wait to see the pics of you and Henry at the game!

  9. warnickart.com

    you can check out a pic of us at reds.com. got to the fan section, then fan fotos. select yesterdays game (6/1/08) and gallery 055 tr1. Henry and I are at the bottom of the page.

    yeah we should have met up and got a helmet sundae together. oh well, next time!

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