MLB Draft

I must say this is the first year I’ve really been paying any attention to baseball’s draft. Out of all the drafts in professional sports, MLB has got to be the most anticlimactic. Unlike football or basketball where a first round pick has a chance to make an immediate impact on your favorite team, in baseball the players go into the farm systems to marinate for a few years.

With all the young talent playing on the Reds I started wondering who they’ll take with the seventh overall pick in this years draft. After doing a little searching, I found this mock draft on Yahoo! Sports. They have the Reds taking RHP Aaron Crow with their seventh pick. I guess we’ll find out in a couple of hours while another one of our young hopefuls is on the mound pitching against the best offense in the league. So get out your bbq saurce, sea salt, cracked pepper, olive oil or you any of your favorite rubs and let the marinating begin. You might wanna hold off on firing up the grill though.

Wondering who went in Jay Bruce’s draft? He’s certainly in some good company.

1 Justin Upton SS Arizona Diamondbacks
2 Alex Gordon 3B Kansas City Royals
3 Jeffrey Clement C Seattle Mariners
4 Ryan Zimmerman 3B Washington Nationals
5 Ryan Braun 3B Milwaukee Brewers
6 Ricardo Romero LHP Toronto Blue Jays
7 Troy Tulowitzki SS Colorado Rockies
8 Wade Townsend RHP Tampa Bay Devil Rays
9 Michael Pelfrey RHP New York Mets
10 Cameron Maybin CF Detroit Tigers
11 Andrew McCutchen CF Pittsburgh Pirates
12 Jay Bruce CF Cincinnati Reds


  1. Paul


    Great post, Rob! Very mouthwatering!

    I’m the same way, I don’t think I’ve ever been aware of what happens at the MLB draft, unless maybe watching a Reds game that night and hearing the announcers tell the audience who the Reds took with their first pick.

    But this year there seems to be a lot more media coverage leading up to the draft, maybe because it’s going to be televised this year – 2 pm on ESPN2 if you wanna set your DVRs for some riveting television!

    I am excited to see who Jocketty and the Reds select today. I’m slightly less excited to then spend the next 2-5 years following his attempt to carve a path to the majors. (Kind of like watching the Bengals draft David Klingler or Akili Smith and waiting years for them to develop…still waiting. Oh snap, Bengals burn!)


    Zinger! Nice Bengals burn indeed!

    Yeah, I don’t know what it is about this years draft that has me following it. They’re 2 picks away. I’ll be sitting at my desk on the edge of my seat.

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