Griffey tributes & giveaways

Ken Griffey Jr.
It’s always fun when historic stuff happens… not only do you get to witness (or at least watch on TV) history, but you also get SWAG! You know what we are all about here at OMGreds… SWAG. So, here are the deets about freebies associated with Griffey’s 600th, contrary to what Cincinnati.Com posted earlier today. Contrary to that report (which is now updated) there will be no Junior freebie tonight.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Everyone in attendace will recieve a 5×7 art card depicting the swing on the histroic 600th home run.

Junior will be honored personally at the game beginning approximately at 6:45 pm.

The Reds host the Dodgers that evening.

We’ll be there! Sounds good. Also, don’t miss out tonight on the Joe Nuxhall Bronze Statue replica. Free to the first 30,000.


  1. Bay Rat North West

    If you guys can snag one of those art cards for each Brad and I here at Reds Cards please do!

  2. Dan

    I think we can take care of that request.

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