The Glorious 1989 Upper Deck Rookie Card

Oh my how I loved my 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. Upper Deck Rookie card as a kid (along with every other kid on the planet) and still do to this day. I can still remember getting the card in my pack and immediately putting in its plastic case where it lives today. Anyways, I came across this article on the card covering its popularity to the decision in making the card the first card in their series. Topps didn’t even include him in their set. Quite interesting.


  1. Bay Rat North West

    And Topps ahs been playing “Let’s see what Upper Deck is doing” ever since. I still remember saying “Seven dollars?! For that?”


    Yeah and Topps countered with $10 packs of Stadium Club.

    I remember when the Griffey reached $10 and how excited I was. Before that I remember having a Kirby Puckett worth $1 and couldn’t believe it.

  3. Brads55sRedsCards

    Awesome Site Man. WOW! Looks like Joe and myself have to get our act together. And I love the fact that you can post non-Cincy cards. Too cool!

    Aloha, Brad

  4. fwbaseball

    This card, and the Jim Abbott one that is also in the set, were the beginning of the end of baseball card collecting for me. It was with this set that all fun and joy of collecting my favorite players and even chewing the rancid, stale gum lost its innocence and made me realize I would soon no longer afford to be a casual collector. And now, I have tens of thousands of worthless baseball cards tucked away in a hidden room of my house because I am too ashamed that I wasted my time collecting them. In fact, now that I think about it, it may have been a precursor to the reason I disassociated myself from anything baseball related from 1994 through about 1998 . . . okay, that and the Cubs’ futility, but still, to this day, I hate Upper Deck cards simply because of what they represent. Thank God I came back around to baseball though. :)

  5. Dan

    That’s a great card. it’s fun now to hear the story behind it.

    There were a few cards that I really coveted when I was young, but most were out of my reach – ’68 Pete Rose rookie. I would still love to have one of those.

    The one card that really got me going though was the ’86 Topps Michael Jordan Sox card. The one way BEFORE he actually played minor league ball for the Sox.

    I REALLY wanted that card. I did end up finally getting one from a baseball card shop in Gatlinburg while the fam was on vacation. It was no more than a few dollars. Once I had it, I was happy, but a bit let down too… like it was too cheap or something. Always, I still have it to this day and it’s a fun little piece of history, regardless of its value, or lack-thereof.

    That Mark McGwire Topps Olympic Team card ( was pretty cool back in the day too.

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