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If you guys haven’t read CBS SportsLine’s 24 New Rules of Baseball, I’d recommend it. It’s right on the money and you’ll get some good laughs from it. And those who know how I defended my actions after catching the Ryan Church home run ball last year know I especially agree with Rule No. 3.


  1. Dan

    I absolutely loathe fans that throw opposing team home run ball back on the field. I really, really hate it. Why? Why must you do this? Like the article said, it’s completely unoriginal.

    The Reds should put a stop to this by following their own rules and ejecting fans that do it – just like they do for throwing anything else on the field.

    Now, what would be original would be throwing it the other way – into the river. That would be something.


    good post dave. i too loathe the unoriginal fans that throw the ball back. absolutely lame! and the people that boo them are just as lame and unoriginal as their boos. seriously people need to just stop it.

  3. Dan

    Do we need to start a movement? What can we do to stop the madness?


    not sure, but we should definitely do something. we should discuss over some snappy buffet.

  5. Dan

    many things to be discussed over Snappy.

    EVERYONE:brainstorm independently and bring your ideas to the buffet. We will make a difference!

  6. Timothy

    I have always thought it to be unfair that our division has 6 teams. We have a 1 in 6 chance of getting to the playoffs, where the Yanks and Boston, with bigger wallets, has a greater chance at 1/4.
    (Rule #26)

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