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Baseball cards
There’s a new ticket deal at GABP these days – buy 4 packs of baseball cards at the Majestic Reds Team Shop and get two free tickets to a future Reds game. I was there yesterday and decided to check it out. Here’s the run-down:

– Must purchase 4 packs of baseball cards. They are more expensive at the ballpark – Topps 2008 Series 2: At store: $1.99. At Team Shop: $4.00. So, about $2 more. I did see Upper Deck 2008 Series 1 for $3 a pack.

The tickets are for a pre-determined game. If you buy 4 packs right now, you get a pair of tickets to the Tuesday, July 22nd game against the Padres. It would have been sweet if it were any game, or if you had a choice, but not bad. Pre-determined tickets will be available for the next home stand according the to the cashier I spoke with. So, it looks like the promotion will be going on for at least a few weeks. I’m not sure when it ends.

– Even though the packs are more expensive ($4 vs. $2) you come out ahead for sure. 4 packs will run you $16 at the Team Shop if you go with the Topps, $12 with Upper Deck. The tickets you receive are View Level which would cost you $28 for the pair. That’s $28 if buy at the ballpark – more if you buy online at a kiosk since fees are tacked on.

So, it’s a great deal AND you get some baseball cards out of the whole thing. It pretty much hits on all cylinders for me.

Speaking of baseball card deals… I saw in the Target circular that select Topps packs are 3 for $4. Not bad! I have not been there to see which packs fall under that, but the photo in the circular was of a Topps 2008 Series 2 pack – normally $1.99 a pack.

Also… how about those Reds? 4 in a row! It’s nice to see. Congrats to Edison Volquez for getting the All-Star nod. And, even through he really didn’t deserve it for his season so far, I’m a bit bummed the Junior didn’t get the nod.

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