Arizona on lock

Reds movin' on up - to the west coast
Reds have finalized their agreement with the City of Goodyear, Arizona and will be moving spring training activities there in 2010. The short of the deal is a 20-year agreement with two five-year team options. So, it looks like the Reds will be there a while. For more, clicky, clicky.

We’ll see you and all the grey hairs out west in 2010! Any good bars out there?

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  1. Bay Rat North West

    Yes. There are some high quality bars, mid quality bars and a fair share of low quality bars. My favorite is El Chupa What? (Low End) It is a basement bar with a ceiling so low that you can stick empty beer cans on the flooring nails poking through. Ambiance. Love it.
    See you guys in Aught 10.

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