AAA All-Star Game doesn’t disappoint

Triple-A All-Star Mascots
Here’s the game story. And here are some quick impressions (not too much detail because it’s not very Reds-centric and we were too busy getting our pictures taken with mascots and marveling at obnoxious very loud drunk guy sitting next to us to pay very close attention to the game):

Chris Carter absolutely tattooed that ball in the bottom of the ninth to make it a 6-5 game. Dead center. Must’ve been a 450-foot home run. We were sitting right behind home plate about four rows back at that point, so it was damn cool to watch. I bet the Red Sox are excited about him (and all of the other PawSox who played … they made up about half of the IL’s roster).

Team USA’s Blaine Neal (also of the Toledo Mud Hens): 1/3 IP, 6 R, 5 ER, 4 H and 1 BB. Ouch.

Indianapolis Indian Andrew McCutchen, who was the IL’s player of the game, made an unbelievable run for a ball in left-center (he wasn’t anywhere near where it landed when it was hit) that would have been (he got his glove on it but couldn’t hang on) just about the sickest catch I’ve ever seen. And I was at GABP for THE Ryan Freel grab. Kid’s got some serious speed.

Everybody saw Mike Hessman had 30 home runs at the break and wondered why the Tigers didn’t call him up when Ordonez got hurt. Here’s why: 0-5, 4 Ks. Gotta love the golden sombrero. And he got fooled real bad a couple of times.


  1. Paul

    Clarence Carter > Chris Carter

  2. Dan


    So, I still have photos to post. Mostly of Mascots. Will do. Soon.

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