Another quick rant

For those who watched last night, does anyone remember Cordero’s pitch with a 1-2 count on Giles with 1 out in the ninth (before Giles hit the high-hopper that caused the Cordero/Votto collision)? WHERE WAS THAT, BLUE? I don’t know how Giles didn’t get rung up on that pitch. It was not inside. If I were Dusty Baker, I would have gone out there and gotten tossed arguing that that was a strike. That’s all.


  1. Dan

    I didn’t get to watch the game last night, but followed along online. Seeing that Cordero was letting another one go made me even turn that off. I just couldn’t bear to watch the ship sink last night.

    The Reds have had a great opportunity to start off the “second half” REALLY hot, but they just have not been able to seal the deal in those close games.

  2. Mike_R

    I really have no tolerance for “closers” who give up hits and walks consistently. Maybe the position of “closer” needs to die. Ride the hot hand…rotate…save money


    i know exactly the pitch you’re talking about. absolutely ridiculous that wasn’t a strike. that ump was very suspect last night and baker certainly should have argued the non call.

    not that all losses don’t hurt, but last night sucked. c’mon bases loaded and you can’t get a single run in, give me a break.

  4. Mike_R

    BRENNEMANIA also couldn’t believe it wasn’t a strike.

  5. gerard

    That was totally a crap call.

    What’s wrong with Coco? Is he getting tired or something?

    Then again, the 2-out baserunning error did not help things.

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