Trade rumors involving Reds

• Alright, I know I’m like a day late on this, but here’s the San Francisco Chronicle column that includes the mention that the Reds have expressed interest in Huston Street. Which is crazy by the way. I know people keep saying that you can never have too much pitching but unless we’re trading Cordero, this just doesn’t make sense because I really don’t think Street would want to be a set-up man here.

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal says the Yankees have pondered a trade for Arroyo (as well as A.J. Burnett) but ultimately could turn to internal solutions with Ian Kennedy looking sharp at Class AAA.

The Rocky Mountain News says the Rockies like Arroyo. Too bad they probably won’t get a first-hand look at him this weekend.

• In Jon Heyman’s ‘Market shirts as deadline nears’ column on, the only Reds-related mention is that David Weathers is among other viable relievers who could be dealt.

Personally, I don’t think the Reds will do much before the deadline. I doubt they’ll deal Arroyo, but you never know. And I think they’d be more likely to deal Weathers if Burton weren’t hurt, but you never know there either. Maybe they think they’d be fine with Lincoln, Affeldt and Burton when he gets healthy.

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