Road Trip: Detroit & Toledo

Road Trip: Comerica Park & Toldeo is sending us out once a again for a baseball stadium fact-finding mission. This time: Comerica Park in Detroit and 5/3 Field in Toldeo. is on a tight budget, so we have to do both of these ballparks in ONE DAY! INSANITY! Hell, we may pay quick homage to old Tiger Stadium while we’re up there – and while it’s still standing (somewhat).

Yep, that’s right, we are trekking from Cincinnati to Detroit for the 1:05 Tigers game tomorrow against the Chicago White Sox. After that game, we are zipping down I-75 to Toledo to see the Mud Hens take on the Pawtucket Red Sox at 6:30. It will be tight, but it will be fun. You can follow along on our photo blog, of course. There’s really no Reds connection to this trip, or at least not one yet, as I’m sure our stat-man Dave could dig up almost anything relevant. No Reds, it’s just baseball folks!


  1. Dan

    This ended up being a hell of a good time. I have more photos and whatnot to post later. mobile photos are at I’ll be titling and adding descriptions later on tonight. Pretty tired today, but it was worth it!

  2. Mike_R

    1: You guys are baseball-insane
    2: Any screen-grabs of the Griffey throat slashing at Brantley that happened Saturday?

  3. Dan

    Yep, insane. 27 innings in about 29 hours. Cincinnati, Detroit, Toledo. Nice!

    I missed the Griffey throat slash. Haven’t heard anything about it. Anyone know the deal?

  4. Paul

    We were at Saturday’s game, and I saw Griffey give the throat slash gesture, but at the time I wasn’t sure who it was aimed at or why.

    Are we sure it was a throat slash gesture and not a “trim that mullet” gesture? After all, it was aimed at Brantley.

  5. David Clark

    I can’t find the throat slash screen-grab anywhere :(

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